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Measures to improve the bonding strength Timber Bolt

2014-03-19 9:10:36

 Timber Bolt connection strength depends mainly on the strength of Timber Bolt, 

therefore, studied factors Timber Bolt strength and improve Timber Bolt strength 
measures to improve the reliability of the connection has important significance. 
Factors Timber Bolt strength of many, mainly related to the thread load 
distribution, the stress amplitude, stress concentration, several aspects of the 
additional stress and mechanical properties of materials, etc., the following works 
only on common tension Timber Bolt is typical, the analysis of each and measures to 
improve the impact strength of a variety of factors Timber Bolt strength. 
Mainly for five measures, namely: 
1. Improve inter-thread load distribution. 
2 Timber Bolt reduce stress amplitude. 
3. Using reasonable manufacturing process. 
4. Reduce the additional bending stresses. 
5. Reduce stress concentration.

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