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Track Bolts of construction requirements

2014-03-24 8:46:19

 1 In order to make reliable connection, each of the bars on the node and end splice 

joint, the number should not be less than two permanent bolts . However, according 
to experience , for the combination of components lacing their ends can be connected 
to a bolt .
2 direct withstand dynamic loads ordinary Track Bolts connection should double nuts 
or other effective measures to prevent the nut loosening adoption. For example the 
use of a spring washer , nut or screw or welded shut and other methods.
3 due to the C -stage bolt hole wall has a large gap , is appropriate only connected 
along its axial direction by pulling the rod . Withstand static load of the 
secondary structure , the connection and the structure of the temporary fixing 
member detachable connection with the installation , also available Class C Track 
Bolts shear . But in an important connection, for example : braking or connecting 
beam crane beam flanges and column , because the horizontal support beams passing 
brake reaction force , but by repeated dynamic loads , shall not use C-Class Track 
Bolts. The connection between the support columns and columns , and the connection 
between the columns in support of the flange of the crane , bear repeated because of 
the level of braking force and the power rail , priority should be made ​​of high 
strength Track Bolts link.
4 bar gauge the direction of the tension along the Track Bolts connecting the end 
plate should be suitably strengthened its stiffness to reduce the adverse effects of 
prying on the tension capacity of the bolt.

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