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2014-03-25 8:53:01

The so-called Hex High Nuts corrosion refers locknut affected by the environment , damaging infringement by chemical or electrochemical reaction caused . All metal products, in certain environments , there will be several types of corrosion , metal products and Hex High Nuts are naturally unable to avoid metal corrosion problems , the environment and its use is not the same time , there is an apparent phenomenon of corrosion differences.

There are many polluting industries , such as steel , petrochemicals , power generation , etc., plus the recent steam locomotive substantial growth , a lot of exhaust emissions , the air is full of sulfur nitride corrosive gases and particulates , which are caused by the main reason for corrosion of metal .
Metal corrosion found in the current case screws , bolts, structural steel and piping , with its severity may have exceeded original estimates prior to construction , to form engineers must pay attention and give priority to solving the problem.
Metal corrosion can cause huge maintenance costs of the equipment and severe economic losses, as a result of corrosion and increase the design , manufacture, maintenance and repair costs, or even harm and disaster.
Hex High Nuts widest range of use , demand for the largest number of its ability to decide the merits of corrosion durability of its use , have a significant impact on the safety and reliability of the equipment , the study of corrosion prevention methods , the development and application of modern anti- eclipse technology is an important subject . In simple terms the reason for the conduct of the locknut anti-corrosion treatment is to improve the construction quality of a practice .

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