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2014-03-31 9:04:22
Anti-theft nuts: The main shape is hexagonal, Fourth nuts, nut bihexagonal Anti-theft nuts manufacturers of components due to mechanical department received even at the destruction caused by loose or artificial theft of property and personal safety of public facilities on an annual loss of up to billion as much as the healthy operation of the national economy to have a great impact . Anti-theft nuts are an excellent anti-theft performance of the twenty-first century, the latest products, mainly for the mechanical parts of the fastening member connecting the locking anti-theft products .
   The Anti-theft nuts for the cold forming pier does not require two machining, surface galvanized . A pair of internally threaded blind slot opening , arcuate cross-section , the radial depth of the reverse screw turned gradually increased , two balls and two blind groove provided in the individual with the plastic liner and plastic washer to ensure balls easily. Tighten the nut clockwise , blind slot the ball rolling down the curved , plastic liner inside the nut , it will automatically fall off.
        Loosen the nut counterclockwise , due to blind slot radial dimension becomes smaller , the ball was stuck in the thread , unable to loosen the nut , which play a security role. The Model Anti-theft nuts, have been widely used in the national electricity transmission tower and signal tower , convenient operation, founded in 1990 , equipment , strong technology, testing facilities , the products of total quality management, reliable product quality. Main business areas: Bead Anti-theft nuts, tower nuts, bolts and other fasteners , wire drawing dies , cold heading molding, mold and other trombone carbide dies .

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